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I have been through a good numbers of tutors... and this is my first time writing a review. Lori was very knowledgeable about what my needs were for my 5th grade niece who needed help with language arts in general. I really also like the fact that she writes me a review of what she had taught my niece each session which helps me ease and don’t have to worry she will be behind any part of language arts she should be knowing. I highly recommend Lori if you are looking for a knowledgeable , caring tutor that actually gives more than 100 percent to your child!

Jenny - aunt of 6th grade tutoring student

I heard her teaching my son and I really liked her teaching style and teaching content. She prepared the teaching materials more than I expected and those materials seemed to be picked up professionally. I will ask her to teach my kid regularly to improve my son's reading and speaking.

Huiyoun Alice - mother of 6th and 9th grade tutoring students

Lori mentored my 10 year old granddaughter in creative writing. Lori was very warm and engaging and my granddaughter immediately liked her. After each session, my granddaughter was so excited and happy. The session had been great! She was inspired to spend several hours writing right away, and throughout the week this enthusiasm continued. Lori spent time connecting with my granddaughter each session. Lori had interesting lesson plans that helped organize and inspire creative writing. I highly recommend Lori!

Mary - grandmother of 5th grade tutoring student

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